Briot Accura CX edger



Produces a three-dimensional scan of the frame shape with the calculation of all frame parameters.

The scanner allows you to scan the shape one by one or two openings in the frame.

Scan the form on a fake lens or pattern.

Automatic alignment scanner


Built-in eye center with color screen.

The centralizer allows you to: call the form from the memory of the machine.

Set the centering options.

Centering the lens on the label on the screen.

Special menu for marking bifocals.


High precision polishing machine to process the ends of the lenses.

The machine allows:

Handle all types of lenses.

Consider the curvature of the rim and lens in the final size of the lens (3D function).

Measure the width and position of the edge of the lens after roughing.

Automatic lens clamp.

Apply all kinds of fats.


  • Along the front rear edge of the lens.
  • As a percentage of the thickness of the lens.
  • Auto (in the curvature of the rim).
  • Flat: fine beveling, polish the ends of the lenses.
  • Function that does not have short slots below the line.
  • Chamfering function.
  • Special modes of lens processing:
  • Processing of polycarbonate lenses.
  • Processing of high index lenses.
  • Careful handling
  • Adjust the dimensions of the lens.
  • Store 200 forms in memory.
  • Custom menu
  • Circular service mode.
  • Special heads for narrow shapes: facets up to 18 mm and flat facets up to 16 mm (optional).

Year of manufacture 2000

Here you can see a video of how edger Briot Accura CX works:

Price: 3,500

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