Essilor edger Gamma 2000


The manufacturers of devices for turning eyeglass lenses tend to simplify the work of specialists, improve the accuracy and quality of processing, thereby reducing the scrap rate and increasing the productivity of professionals. Therefore, Essilor Gamma 2000 Edger is a great sample of topnotch tracers.

Essilor Gamma Edger performs the necessary functions independently. The specialist only needs to load the lenses into the device, select the desired program, set the parameters, and get the result.

Features of the edger:

  • three-dimensional calculation of the position of the facet on the lens.
  • the patented technology of simultaneous measurement of lens parameters along the shape contour (on the front and the back surfaces of the lens) before starting the lens processing cycle.
  • options for lens bevelling:
    • Automatic facet;
    • Managed facet:
  • changing the position of the automatic facet (repeating the curvature and design of the frame);
  • the position of the facet as a percentage of the thickness of the end of the lens (eg 50%, 30%, etc., in 5% increments);
  • the facet position repeating the front / rear surface of the lens (adjustable with a pitch of 0.05 mm);
  • facet position according to the specified base curvature of the rim (value from 0.0 to 9.5);
  • the possibility of partial facet movement (by sectors);
  • Flat facets for frames on the screws and fishing line;
  • Chamfering on the front and rear edge of the lens (plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex);
  • the minimum height of the processed lenses is 16 mm;
  • preview of the “virtually” processed lens (facet position) preceding the start of the lens processing cycle;
  • EAS ™ lens processing cycle;
  • Automatic adjustment of the clamping force of the lens, the pressure on the circles and the processing speed depending on the thickness, lens material, and frame shape;
  • Special automatic cycle cleaning cycle;
  • 4 circles for processing lenses from materials: glass, plastic, polycarbonate, lenses with medium and high refractive index, as well as for polishing.

Technical characteristics

Color LCD screen 158,4 × 209 mm
Size 535 x 410 x 568 mm
Weight 67 kg
Electrical supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 1350 watts
Average water consumption
  • Plastic/glass
5 l / min
  • Polycarbonate
5 l / min
Noise level 79 dB (with coarse processing of mineral photochromic lenses)

You can see in video how edger works:

Price: 2,900

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