Nidek LM 500 Lensmeter

Nidek LM 500 Full Colour 3.5 inch LCD Screen, Green LED light source

Nidek LM 500 is a lensmeter designed to determine the diopter characteristics of eyeglass lenses. This device has the newly designed 3.5-inch colour and full graphic LCD monitor, which offers clear and easy recognition of various values.

The expanded functionality of the instrument also enables you to measure progressive lenses, identifying their power, to compensate high index lenses, to translate the lens mark, and to convert a lens cylinder. The Nidek LM 500 price is extremely affordable: the product costs just €1,500.

The LM-500 automatic lensmeter Nidek LM 500 is the smallest of its kind.

Commesur other automatic fron to focometers Nidek, LM-500 fonctionneselon the measuring principle of the wavefront (Hartmann sensor).

The measurespour progressive lenses are made of particularly simple, reliable and fast. Small, he finds everywhere place

  • LCD colour with lighting
  • Automatic measurement and trigger
  • Automatic Identification progressive lens in a program special measure
  • Serial and USB Interface
  • No printer

Measuring range:

  • Sphere: from – to + 25.0 D 25.0 D
  • Cylinder: 0 to +/- 9.99 D, from 0 to 180 °
  • Prism: 0 to 15? (Horizontal and vertical)
  • Measurement Time: 0.085 s
  • Dimensions: 180 (W) x 366 (H) x 185 (D) mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg

The lensmeter with touch screen and ability to positioning shape change of the drill holes

  • Speed ​​and ease of glass block
  • Colour touch screen
  • Facility to connect several LE-SE-Lex
  • Memory and modification of integrated forms
  • Recording and storage of drilling points (LexDrill link)

Price: 1,500

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