Tomey RC-5000 Autorefractor Keratometer

137. RC-5000

Product Features

  • Automatic Measurement
  • Power Joystick
  • Refractometry
  • Keratometry
  • Diameter Measurement of Cornea and Pupil
  • Language Selection

Automatic Measurement

Use power assist joystick for rough alignment

Touch the center of the pupil on the display with your fingertip and the RC-5000 will automatically align and begin measurements

Press the R/L icon on the display and the instrument will automatically move to and measure the other eye

Printing is automatic


Normal Mode: Fogging is applied automatically for each measurement for more accurate results

Quick Mode: Fogging is applied a needed for consecutive measurements

IOL/CAT Mode: This mode is used to measure cataract or pseudophakic eyes


Short consecutive measurements and time provide reliable data

Measurements at f 6.0mm (R=8.0mm) as wekk as at f 3.0mm give you enough information for contact lens fitting

Base curves of contact lense are stored, categorized and suggested manufactures are automatically printed

Diameter Measurement of Cornea and pupil

Measurement can be done easily by moving the two cursors on he display to the boundary of Cornea or Pupil. This is useful for deciding the diameter of contact lense and for other contact lens fitting practices.

Power Chinrest

This chin can be moved by pushing the buttons on the front panel. No need to reach to the chin rest manual adjustments.


Measurement Ranges Refractometry
Sphere– 25.00 to +22.000D (VD=12.0mm)
Cylinder– 10.00 to +10.00D (VD= 12.00mm)
Axis0 to 180 degree
Minimum Pupil Diam.Ø2.2mm
Measurement Time0.2 sec
Range5.00mm to 11.00mm
Corneal Retraction30.68D to 67.50D (n = 1.3375)
Corneal Astigmatism0D to 10D (n= 1.3375)
Axis0 to 180 degree
Measured AreaØ3.0mm/Ø6.0mm

(at 8.0mm of Corneal Radius)

Measurement Time0.1 sec
PD measurementYes (50 to 86mm)
Diameter Measurement of Cornea and Pupil1.0 to 14.0mm
ChinrestPower Chin Rest
PrinterHigh Speed Thermal Line Printer
Output PortRS-232C
Power RequirementsAC 100V to 240V





466mm or 18 inches300mm or 12 inches

493mm or 19 inches

Weight19Kg or 42 pounds

You can see Tomey RC-5000 Autorefractor Keratometer in video:

Price: 8,720

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