Nidek AR-600 Autorefractometer


Nidek AR 600 is patient-friendly refractometer that uses weak infrared rays to measure the necessary data. The main specialization of this device is measuring refractive errors, including errors of axis, sphere or cylinder. With the achieved results, an ophthalmologist can correct the patient’s vision. For more convenient use, this model nidek ar-600 of autorefractor is also fitted with a printer, so immediate printing out of the test results is a deal of a second. Nidek auto refractometer price surprises: it is just €1,950.


Bullet-18 – + 23 D
Cylinder0 – +  8D
Min pupil diameter0 – 2,5 mm
Measuring time0,3 s


You can see how an autorefractometer Nidek works in the video:

Price: 1,950

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