Nidek AFC 210 whith suitcase

Nidek AFC 210

Nidek AFC 210 is a device aimed at photographing the fundus and diagnosing various eye diseases. With superior image quality and ease of use, this fundus camera for sale will enable greater patient care.

Among the main features of the product, there are built-in VGA Monitor and autofocus, as well as 45-degree image. Overall, the kit includes the product itself and a suitcase for easy transporting. Included Canon CCD Fundus Camera and the price pleasantly surprises: the product is available for just €6,500.

Fundus camera AFC-210 is designed for diagnostics with a narrow pupil (from 3.7 mm). The camera has a high-resolution image: up to 12.8 MP. The maximum viewing angle is 45 degrees. Also, the camera has advanced measurement capabilities from -33 to +35 Dp.


  • Autofocus on the ocular fundus;
  • Regulation of the quality of the images obtained + anti-glare option;
  • Autocracking system;
  • The transition to shooting occurs automatically;
  • 5.7-inch liquid crystal display;
  • The analysis of the received images and their archiving takes place using the Navis Lite program;
  • The possibility of stereo photography (you need to include a module for recording sound)
  • All images are easily scaled and edited (hue, contrast) in the device itself;
  • Ability to send images with text to the specified e-mail;
  • Data can be transferred to a DICOM 3.0 compatible server.


You can see in video how Auto Fundus Camera Nidek AFC works:

Price: 6,500

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