Topcon NW6S Fundus Kamera Incl. Nikon D90 Digital camera

Topcon NW6S

Topcon Fundus Camera is a digital ophthalmologic device for visual diagnostics of the fundus and for obtaining its detailed full-color photographic image. It is used to diagnose glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, various pathologies of the retina and eyeball, and many other ophthalmic diseases.

On the one hand, this device is convenient in operation. Its compact size promotes easy transportation. On the other side, its use is entirely safe for the patient. As for the fundus ophthalmology camera price, it costs just 3,500€.

Easy Alignment

Alignment is easily accomplished by overlapping the two bright spots on the monitor, assuring fast and precise operation. Because the alignment spot is always in the monitor view, the operation is easy and reliable.

Easy Focusing

Focusing is easily accomplished by aligning the split lines within the focusing bar. For better monitor viewing, the focusing bar may be turned on or off.

New Ergonomic Design

A totally new design makes the Topcon NW6s NM Fundus Camera compact and ergonomic. The instrument controls, viewing monitor and patients are all in direct alignment for easy access, making it easy to obtain excellent retinal images.

Auto Flash Intensity

When the angle of coverage is changed by the user, the existing flash setting will be automatically corrected. If required, a manual setting of up to (9) steps is also possible.

Illuminated Operation Panel

An illuminated operation panel makes operation easy in dim light settings.

Electric Chinrest Movement For Operational Ease

The control buttons for the electrical elevation of the chinrest are conveniently located next to the joystick for quick operation during photography.

Topcon NW6s NM Fundus Camera Specifications

Small Pupil Capability 3.7mm by using the 30 degree angle of coverage.
Angle of coverage 45° 30°
Pupil diameter for photography 45° 4.0mmφ or more, 30° 3.7mmφ or more
Patient diopter correction range
Without correction lens -13D to +12D (where split lines are used)
With minus correction lens -12D to -33D
With plus correction lens +9D to +40D
Peripheral fixation Internal 8 points
Flash Intensity Automatically 45° and 30°
Power source Frequency 50/60Hz
Voltage AC110, 120, 230, 240V selectable
Power source Body 24.5kg, TV relay lens 1.0kg
Power consumption400VA (Maximum), 100VA (Normal)

Price: 3,500

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