Haag Streit BC 900 Slit Lamp


The profitableness of Haag Streit BC 900 is hard to underestimate. In a few words, this is a slit lamp combined with a low-duty microscope. It is widely used in optics and ophthalmology.

The fixation targets are of premium quality and provide high durability of the product. The switch system functions significantly. The switch system has features greatly, the same concerns the general ease of operating the tool. All details are adjusted quickly and accurately. This model is not as expensive as other devices available on the market. Haag Streit BC 900 price is just 2,900€.


For good contrast enhancement when using Fluorescein, simply turn the filter positioned at the front of the microscope.


A smooth to operate instrument base with a continuously adjustable illumination control conveniently sited next to the joystick.


With a single support column the BC 900 allow optimal access to the patient. The halogen bulb gives up to 300,000 Lux illumination. The slit can be adjusted from 0–14 mm. UV and IR filters are

built-in and blue, red and grey filters can be introduced as needed.


A video port is included in BC 900. The image is diverted to the camera by means of a small prism permanently placed within the microscope. The video port on the BC 900 is designed for attachment to small 1 CCD “lipstick” cameras.

Price: 2,900

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