Our workshop

We have very high standards concerning the general maintenance of our equipment. To reach this, we use a very well equipped workshop and work with experienced technicians.  For us, it is not just about the final result, but about how a used machine becomes an overhauled machine.

Before/after comparison:

On average, we need 80- 120 working hours to overhaul a used machine.

To give you an impression, we have taken pictures of the procedural steps:

We do our best to renovate our machines so that they are in the best possible condition.


In our workshop, customers have the opportunity to test our machines.


  • All components are checked to ensure functionality
  • Old and malfunctioning parts are replaced
  • System is cleaned in order to look like new
  • Newest software is installed
  • Quality is tested based on the specifications laid down by the original producer
  • New or equalized diamond wheels containing at least an 80% diamond coating
  • The system is adapted to individual customer wishes (i.e. Language, etc.)

Top qualified technicians

Adequate and competent technician training is a vital part of Sky Optic’s philosophy. Keeping that in mind, our technicians are consistently trained to do qualified work on the most current generations of machine models.