Briot Silver Plus edger & tracer-blocker


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A reconditioned machine in very good condition provides accurate performance with consistent reliability. We ensure that these equipment can be used.

The main characteristics:

  1. Automatic.
  2. Monoblock (built-in scanner, centralizer).
  3. 3D function.
  4. A very convenient function of selecting the possible position and curvature of the facet with visual control of the future facet on the screen.
  5. Three sets of adapters; the oval adapters for turning lenses into small forms of frames.
  6. The choice of processing mode (three degrees of pressure of the lens to the stones on which depends the speed of processing lenses, the mode for fragile lenses and the mode for hydrophobic lenses).
  7. Scanner in two scanning modes with different speeds.
  8. Several language main menu.
  9. Productive cooling system with filtration (optional!).

Contents of component sets:

  • machine gauge,
  • set of calibers for the scanner (four calibers),
  • external scan holder for demo lens,
  • external scan holder for pattern
  • large adapters
  • small adapters
  • oval adapters
  • a set of consumables (gaskets large, gaskets small, gaskets oval, blocks),
  • spare fuse kit,
  • shipping element
  • key to the machine cover.


Dimensions: 26″ W x 24.5″ D x 17″ H

Weight: 150 lbs.

Voltage: 115V/50-60 Hz

Consumption: 1 kW



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