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You can use Haag Streit Octopus product soon after the preparation and installation period due to its intuitive settings and easy operation. For instance, its start menu asks the customer if they want to calibrate, and if yes — to put the cap on the ocular during the procedure.

All the adjusting and switches work great, and this contributes to the durability of the device. The same concerns other elements of the product. So, just for €3,500 you can purchase a powerful Haag Streit perimeter with included lift table.

Technical characteristics


Octopus offers a new standard in kinetic and static perimetry

  • Gain advanced progression analysis—including cluster and polar trend rates available exclusively through Octopus—at your fingertips
  • Make exams easier for patients
  • Track progression or perform end-stage exams
  • Revolutionize your practice
  • Get the most out of your glaucoma visual field with the highly sensitive Cluster Analysis, the intuitive Polar Analysis for structural comparisons and the easy-to-interpret EyeSuite Progression Analysis.


EyeSuite’s ease of use is unparalleled—from exam start to finish, to viewing the data for analysis

  • Conduct fast and reliable exams. Full threshold results are available in two and half minutes and provide optimal data accuracy and repeatable future testing. And real-time interactive access to raw data can increase patient throughput.
  • Get more accurate data more quickly. Powerfully accurate and detailed reports, images and electronic printouts improve physician analysis or data, including improved trending of current pathologies. Significant changes are color coded to guide you to the essential information.
  • Improve the patient experience. Exams through Octopus are easier on the patient, so exams can be more efficient. Easy to read color graphics help patients understand visual field results for better compliance. And the full patient history is represented on one screen.
  • Improve your ROI. Improved patient throughput can lead to increased revenue from more patient exams.

Specifications OCTOPUS 1-2-3

Power requirements: 115V~/ 50/60Hz, 230V~/ 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 80VA
Fuses: 115V~/ 50/60Hz: T1A/250V (high braking) | 230V~/ 50/60Hz: T2A/250V (high braking)
Measurements (W x L x H): 400 x 420 x 550/580mm
Footprint: 0.156m2 (390 x 400mm)
Weight: 25.5kg
Shipping size: 660 x 570 x 620 mm
Shipping weight: 33.5kg


+15°C … +40°C-20°C … +50°C



20% … 75%10% … 90%
Operation principle: Direct projection system
Positioning accuracy: ±0.25°
Measurement principle:

Measurement range: Measurement accuracy:

Bracketing procedure

0 … 40dB


Max. stimulus intensity: 1273cd/m2 (4000asb)
Stimulus colour:

Stimulus size:

Stimulus duration:

Stimulus interval:

yellow, 592±2nm

Goldmann III, Goldmann V

100ms, 200ms, 500ms

Fixed 3 sec, adaptive

Background intensity (I): Background colour (I): 31.4asb, (10cd/m2)

White (colour temp. 2854K)

See how the Haag streit perimeter works:


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