HEINE OMEGA 500 Indirect Binocular Ophthalmoscope LED 6V (new)


1OMEGA 500 Ophthalmoscope LED 6V; Headband with HC 50 L headband regulator; Cinch connection cable


Heine Omega 500 LED gives users complete freedom when setting up their optional system for maximum visibility at any pupil size. The Heine binocular indirect ophthalmoscope’s helmet is perfectly balanced and comfortable in use. Its ergonomic control levers provide intuitive operation.

The 100% guaranteed dustproof design and installation of the device on an aluminum frame ensure the product’s durability. Overall, an interested customer can buy Heine ophthalmoscope online at the Sky Optic website for just €1,800.


  • synchronized convergence and parallax adjustment system
  • modern one-stage control of a narrow and modified pupil maximizes stereoscopic vision with an expanded pupil and allows you to instantly adjust the optical system to obtain a fully lit stereoscopic image even with a pupil with a diameter of just 1 mm.

Extended pupil. With an expanded pupil, the synchronized adjustment system of convergence and parallax of HEINE sets the left and right lines of sight as far as possible from each other (large angle of convergence), providing maximum stereoscopy (depth of perception). The beam of light is automatically set extremely high relative to the viewing plane (large parallax angle) to ensure maximum illumination and minimize the number of unwanted reflexes.

Unexpanded pupil and a review of peripheral areas of the eye. If the pupil cannot or should not be enlarged, adjustment of the optical system is necessary for binocular viewing with full illumination.

Using the adjustment lever for a small and modified pupil, located at the bottom of the instrument series OMEGA, the angle of convergence between the left and right line of sight is reduced, and the parallax angle (luminous flux) is automatically reduced by one simple action. Thus, the observer can get a fully illuminated binocular image with excellent stereoscopy even with a pupil with a diameter of just 1 mm, or by examining peripheral areas when the pupil is displayed as an ellipse.

You can see in video how indirect ophthalmoscope uses:


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