Humphrey Zeiss HAR 597 auto refractometer


Including subjective measurement with visual charts.

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Nowadays, automatic refractometry is a usual practice for every ophthalmologist and optometrist. With Humphrey Zeiss 597, a specialist will never get bored with his daily routine duties. This auto refractometer distinguishes with its ease of use, plain but attractive design, accurate measurement instruments, etc.

The functionality of the tool is improved with additional features such as keratometry and visual acuity study. The Humphrey auto refractometer price is affordable for various organizations — just 3,600€.

  • New control unit with integrated joystick – can be optionally positioned at 90 ° and 180 °. Ideal for adaptation to existing space conditions and the special requirements of the examiner.
  • Fully automatic electronic self-centering – the measurement always takes place exactly on the visual axis and with the correct corneal vertex distance. Of course, even with troubled subjects and children. Even inexperienced examiners can achieve the very best measurements with the new refractometer, operating errors are virtually eliminated.
  • Programmed sequence of refraction – automatic centering, measurement of both eyes and printout of results.
  • One measurement is sufficient – multiple measurements are not necessary due to the Foucault cutting principle system.
  • Correction success is immediately visible, an integrated lens system automatically sets the determined values. The visual acuity with this correction can also be queried.

Characteristics Humphrey Zeiss HAR 597

Technical Specifications

Sphere measuring range from -17 dpt to + 20 dpt
Cylinder measuring range from -7 dpt to + 7 dpt
Measuring range axis 0° to 180°
Corneal parietal distance 0.0, 10.5, 12.0, 13.5, 16.5 mm
Optotype panel 0.05 to 2.00 individually pre switchable
Measuring range keratometer 30.00 dpt to 60.00 dpt or 5.60 mm to 11.20 mm
Axis 0° to 180°
Dimensions and weight 45.7 x 30.5 x 40.6, 22.6 kg
Electrical data 100 /120 / 220 / 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 200 W
Screen 12.7 cm

Functional properties Humphrey Zeiss HAR 597

Control panel with integrated joystick and monitor &nbsp,•&nbsp,
Control panel vis-a-vis from the test person or on the side of the device &nbsp,•
Fully automatic centering on visual axis and cornea &nbsp,•
Determination of visual acuity (SC-VISUS) &nbsp,•
Objective refraction &nbsp,•
Corneal radius measurement can be activated
Determination of visual acuity with correction (CC visual acuity) &nbsp,•
Display the results on the screen
Expression of measured and queried values &nbsp,•
Expression of the pupil distance &nbsp,•
Printout of the reflex index for media permeability &nbsp,•
Individual presentation of the optotype series &nbsp,•
Children’s optotype series &nbsp,•
Preset two values for comparison purposes (recall) &nbsp,•
Data import from the Humphrey parietal crushing value measuring device &nbsp,•
Various corneal parietal distances can be selected &nbsp,•
Choice of cylindrical notation (± cyl.) &nbsp,•
RS-232c (V.24) – Interface &nbsp,•
Video output &nbsp,•
Compact and portable &nbsp,•


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