Topcon ACP 6 chart projector


included remote

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The projectors of visual signs wirth control remote such as the ACP-6E, ACP-7, ACP-4, ACP-7M models from Topcon has a most popularity between optometrists. Character projectors that can be controlled remotely have a large number of functions, they are ergonomic, which makes their operation as convenient as possible.

With set an auto refractometer, a slit lamp and other necessary devices, the projector of signs Topcon ACP-6 represents the necessary set of a doctor’s office ophthalmologist. The projector has all the necessary elements for demonstration of signs when checking the vision, it should be noted that the Japanese manufacturer added letters of different alphabets to the projector, therefore the projector characters Topcon ACP-6 will be used throughout the world. You can buy a projector of characters Topcon ACP-7 phoned by phone listed on the site. Guaranteed to purchase and service only with us.

Included remote control.


Power input 230 V
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Power 65 VA
Number of frames projected 30 chart tests
Increasing the distance of 5 m, x 30
Projection distance 3 – 6 m
Frame rate 0,2 fps
Mask change speed 0,3 fps
Control Remote
Dimensions 22 x 39 x 27 cm
Weight 6 kg


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