Nidek ARK 900S Autoref – Keratometer

Nidek ARK 900S

Sky Optic is a wide famous retailer of pre-owned ophthalmology equipment of the excellent quality and in a wonderful cosmetic condition (no cracked plastics or spots, etc). Auto refractometers are among the bestsellers on the website. Nidek ARK products are also on the list.

The best price for this product is presented on the Sky Optic website only: Nidek ARC-9000/900s costs just €2,500. It has all the classical autorefractometer functions and some special features. In fact, this tool works in the mode of examining an eye in transmitted light.




-30.00 – +25.00 (VD = 12 mm)

0.25 D, 0.12 D, 0.01 D



± 12.00

0.01 D, 0.12 D, 0.25 D



0–180 °

1 ° / 5 °

Measurement area4 mm
Working distance35 cm
VD10.5; 12; 13.75; 15; 16.5 mm
Minimum pupil diameter:2.0 mm
Time one measurement0.3 seconds or less
Measurement PD30–85 mm, 1 mm pitch
Memory10 results for each eye


Meet the Nidek ARK 900 S A auto refractometer- keratometer more detailed:

Price: 2,500

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