Delivery cost will be calculated in each case individually. You will receive the calculation within 24 hours (1 working day) by email after placing your order.

The Sky Optic company is concerned that the customer acquires the equipment at the optimum price and performance, in addition to receiving his order safe and sound as soon as possible. You can get your devices in several ways, depending on your desire and urgency. Also, the size of the product may affect the choice of delivery options. Therefore, in any case, all delivery terms are negotiated individually.

First, you must tell us if you are going to perform customs clearance yourself or if the transport company with which we cooperate should do so

The delivery in our company is carried out in two ways: express air delivery and land delivery.

Express air delivery (air transport to any international airport). The cargo is sending to the address of the company of the customer. Delivery terms are about 3-4 days. Upon the arrival of the goods, the carrier itself goes through the customs procedures and sends documents for the payment of customs duties. After the payment, you get the products on hand.

Land delivery is a delivery with a customs clearance within 10-14 days. In this case, you do not need to pay for the customs clearance of goods separately. The transport company makes all customs procedures. You pay for the cost of the customs clearance of products and delivery to us.

In this case, the price of the customs clearance is included in the cost of the delivery

The invoice is issued at the actual price, and the packaged and documented goods are sent to you after the specified amount comes to our bank account.

Product packaging

We carefully pack the goods, taking care of their safety on the way to the customer. Therefore, Sky Optic guarantees the delivery in working condition. When ordering equipment from us, you can not doubt the quality of service after paying the bill.

The cost of packaging is included in the price indicated on the website

  Edger with blocker Autorefractor/ Non contact Tonometer Slit Lamp Lensmeter
    Door to door Door to door Door to door
USA / Canada To the airport (pallet) 790 € 240 € 180 € 120 €
South America To the airport (pallet) 890 € 340 € 220 € 160 €

If you have any questions about the delivery of the equipment or any other questions, do not hesitate to write to us:


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