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History of the company

The German company Sky Optic has been supplying new and restored ophthalmological and production equipment for opticians to many countries of the world for 17 years. We offer high-performance, certified original special equipment from manufacturers such as Zeiss, Essilor, Nidek, Topcon, Haag Streit, and other reputable brands. We work with German, European, Japanese, and American manufacturers who create high-quality machines and instruments for ophthalmologists and opticians.

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Sky Optic is not an intermediary company. We restore the equipment ourselves with the help of our own resources. We offer only those machines and instruments that are fully functional after repair — most models in stock look and function as new. As a result, you practically buy new equipment that is thousands of euros cheaper.

In addition to the refurbished equipment, Sky Optic also offers brand new equipment from manufacturers – sector leaders.

Our mission is to be recognized as one of the most prestigious companies in the sector, always looking for improvements in the working conditions and productivity of our customers.

Our vision is to ensure that opticians and ophthalmologists work in comfortable conditions, provide medical services that meet European standards, and help people stay healthy! No matter what your budget, Sky Optic will surely help you find the best option.

At the same time, the values of our contribution consist of providing our customers with the most reliable and safe equipment. The excellent professional training of Sky Optic specialists guarantees results. All technical specialists are qualified continuously on the latest equipment models.

For us, not only the result is essential, but also the process that the equipment undergoes from the state of the used equipment to the reconditioned one in Sky Optic.

Pre-sale equipment preparation

Every year, ophthalmic equipment is modified thanks to the developers of optics and world-leading engineers. People’s eyes are very delicate; this organ requires special attention and observation because many people have problems with vision. To restore and maintain the ophthalmologic equipment, exclusively professionals are needed who understand the intricacies of modern technology.

All used equipment is delivered by German opticians or ophthalmologists and is in a perfect state of preservation and operation. Subsequently, they are thoroughly checked, restored, and calibrated. Professional technical experts carry out a detailed verification of each element of the device, study the breakage, and bring the tools to a complete operating state to last for many more years.

What are the full refurbishment and pre-sale preparation?

You get nearly a new machine. The kit includes all necessary accessories ranging from adjustment patterns and terminations with adapters, blocks, etc. Each unit of medical equipment is completely restored and then undergoes multi-level tests. We only have viable models.

We only sell equipment in the performance of which we have no doubt

In order to meet the high standards of quality renewal of used equipment, we have our own workshop, equipped with the latest technology.

On average, we spend 80-120 working hours on repairs and pre-sales. To give you the opportunity to see this process, we photographed some of the repair steps to show our great enthusiasm, which results in the perfect condition of the used equipment.

Sky Optic has a variety of models – from the older generation to more modern ones. You can read the catalog of the used equipment following this link.

Adaptation and personalization

You will not have to spend money additionally to adjust up the equipment to the standards. Our staff will customize any device to your needs:

  1. help with the choice of the model
  2. explain all the features and functions of the device
  3. update the software
  4. set the desired interface language (one or more)
  5. take into account the individual requirements and requests of the customer
  6. offer improvements and recommend complements
  7. consult and train for operating
  8. fully prepare the equipment for operating

We provide customer support both during the selection and ordering of the equipment and in the future. You acquire equipment with a price 2 to 3 times lower than the market price and with technical specifications and appearance equivalent to the new ones.

In addition, we offer custom configurations, for example, we complement the equipment according to the customer’s needs.

Ask us for details of our service Contact us.

New equipment

In addition to the restored models,  Sky Optic suggests ultramodern equipment for an ophthalmologic office or an optical shop.

Our distinguishing feature is a thorough approach to business: the reliability and safety of the goods sold and the individual approach to the needs of the customers.

We offer a variety of models of the brand new equipment, released in the last two years. You can see the catalog of the new equipment on this link.

Payment method

Making an order is very simple. When an order is placed, the support service responds promptly, helps complete the request, resolves all doubts.

You can pay for the order in the form convenient for you.

Payment terms: 100%  PIA (payment in advance) to a German bank account

We are a German company and all equipment is located in a central warehouse in Germany.

All prices are in euros, without VAT and shipping costs 
from the warehouse in Cologne, Germany

More information about the methods and terms of payment can be found on the page Payment modality

Preparation of customs documents

Our company deals with the delivery and clearance of customs documents. All equipment for ophthalmology comes with a package of documents. We promptly resolve all issues, quickly eliminate difficulties and create comfortable conditions for our cooperation.


Our office is located in Germany, the city of Cologne. No matter what , you will not experience any inconvenience buying our goods. Delivery terms are strictly adhered to. No hidden costs. You pay as much as it is stated by agreement.

The delivery method is chosen depending on the urgency, volume and weight of the cargo. The equipment can be sent by air or land transport.

More information on the terms of  the delivery you can find on the page Delivery .

Warranty and Repair

First of all, we want to inform our visitors about the following fact:

Our company does not repair the equipment purchased from another supplier!

Therefore, before contacting us about the repair of equipment purchased from other suppliers, please read this statement.

The following warranty conditions are applied to the equipment purchased from Sky Optic, depending on its type:

You get 12 months warranty for the new and 6 months for the refurbished equipment

More information on the terms of the warranty, you can find on the page Warranties.

Additional services

For most grinding machines and optic workshops equipment, we sell discounted consumables and spare parts. We offer software and accessories for many devices that improve their functionality. Get acquainted with the various accessories on the link:

In addition to the services listed above, we carry out specialized orders:

  • we will help you find instruments and machines that are not in our catalog
  • we select the equipment for your office
  • advise on any issue related to new technologies

Contact us for any question you are interested in!

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