For any equipment purchased at Sky Optic, you will receive a guarantee on qualitative after-sales service. The warranty applies to new and refurbished equipment in different ways. Therefore, we invite you to look at the terms of warranty service on this page.

You get 12 months warranty for the new and 6 months for the refurbished equipment

Warranty includes free replacement of defective parts. We change the failed parts for free (we also send them free of charge by express mail). You do not have to pay for either the spare part or its delivery, but you will have to find a master-hand to diagnose the problem and replace the spare part on the spot.

Naturally, after the warranty period, we offer you both the spare parts, in case the equipment is worn out, and consumables, including diamond discs, at special prices for our customers, at least 25% below market prices, since our company is the official dealer of many manufacturers.

Special prices for the parts and the consumables are valid only for our clients

In case of any problem with the equipment, we will help you by phone, Skype or any method of contact indicated on the website. In addition, you can send the device for an additional cost.

Our guarantee is backed by the contract, in particular by one of its provisions on liability for product defects. In addition, according to article § 437 BGB of the Federal Law of Germany, this warranty implies the following: the seller guarantees that the product sold is in working condition and free of defects. Therefore, the seller is responsible for defects discovered during the sale of the product, including defects that appear during the middle of the warranty period.

All customers are satisfied with our products and services. In our online store on the international eBay platform, you can read the comments of real buyers. You will see that they are 100% positive:

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