Haag Streit Octopus 300 perimeter


Stimulus: Goldmann sizes III, V; stimulus duration: 100, 200, 500; area of field: 30 degrees

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Completely refurbished to factory specifications and backed by the best technicians in the industry, Haag Streit Octopus 300 is a product any eye care specialist would love. Available just for €5,900, it is the cheapest offer on the market.

This product uses a contemporary and appropriate method of documentation and viewing visual field data. This Haag Streit Diagnostics product has BBA curve which allows specifying the patient’s problems. With its help, you can manipulate data easily, rapidly, and accurately.

Technical characteristics

Approval Worldwide
Analysis Software Integrated LAN adapter with Ethernet interface. The input of patient data from an external software system
OPTICAL SYSTEM (SPECIAL/TIME, min) 30° direct projection
INSTALLATION No darkroom conditions required
Design and access Free rotating examination unit, access from all sides
Operation (DOOR(S)) Colour LCD input screen
Work log counter Ongoing counting of examinations
Dialogue language All languages are available in Windows®
Eye monitor Infrared-sensitive eye camera and video display
Eye fixation control Electronic eye fixation control
Automatic fixation adjustment Perimeter automatically adjusts for fixation loss
Pupil size measurement Continuous average pupil size measurement
Examination programs Programs G1, 32, M2, ST and LVC
Test Strategies Normal 4-2-1dB, Low vision, Dynamic and 2LT (Qualitative 3-zone) strategy
Automatic procedures Automatic test settings available for all programs
Stimulus sizes Goldmann III and V
Stimulus Intensity 0-4’800asb
Background illumination 31.4 / 314asb
Printer output USB output for connection to standard inkjet printers
Print-out formats Selection of 8 print-out formats, including Two-on-One format
Data output to PC Data transfer in conjunction with PeriTrend (option)
SOFTWARE UPGRADES Exchange of software module or transfer of updates from PC by CD or downloading from the Internet
User-defined programs 5 custom tests and free selection of catch trials
Special Perimetry Blue-on-Yellow Perimetry
Network connection Integrated LAN adapter with Ethernet interface
REMOTE CONTROL (CATHETERS/PROBES) PC control of perimeter functions
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