Briot Edgers

The specialized machines for turning, polishing and drilling magnifying lenses for glasses have been produced by the French company Briot since 1936. The versatility of the apparatus lies in their multifunctionality. The unique system is endowed with the ability to track various parameters of the lens, drill holes and carry out manipulations with the blanks. The design has the dimensions of a portable device, which allows you to take up little space in a limited space. The manufacture of the final product can be performed by only one person, without departing from the workplace.

Briot Accura CX is a universal machine since it allows processing various materials, including glass, plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex, etc. Thanks to a special measuring technique, this device allows accurate measuring the circumference of the glasses’ rim and making perfectly suitable lenses.
With a sophisticated design, this top-premium product is comfortable to use and is easily adjustable. Briot Accura CX 2000 differentiates with its turbine grooving technique and is available for €3,500.

You can see in video how Briot Accura Edger works: