Nidek Echoscan US-500 ultrasonic scanner


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A-scan biometry/IOL power calculation

  • Probe Solid probe
  • Frequency: 10MHz (± 20%)
  • Internal fixation lamp: LED (Red), Illumination
    • Display Measurement method: Ultrasonic pulse reflective method A-scan biometry
  • Measurement value: Axial length, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, vitreous body thickness,
  • and A-scan waveform (measurement values of 10 times, the average value, and the starndard
  • deviation)
  • Measurement range: 12.00 to 40.00mm
  • Minimum display unit: 0.01mm
  • Accuracy: ± 1 mm
    • Measurement function: Manual, Auto, Speed
  • Gate: Cornea, Lens-F (anterior), Lens-B (posterior), retina
  • Sonic velocity to calculate distance:
  • Average axial length: 1550m/s (Phakic eye), 1548m/s (Eye with mature cataract: DENSE CAT ON)
  • 1532m/s (Aphakic eye)
  • Setting range: 1000 to 2000m/s
  • Anterior chamber, vitreous body: 1532m/s
  • Setting range: 1000 to 2000m/s (Anterior chamber)
  • Setting range: 500 to 2000m/s (Vitreous body)
  • Lens: 1641m/s, 1629m/s (Eye with mature cataract: DENSE CAT ON)
  • Setting range: 1000 to 2000m/s
  • IOL: 2060m/s (Acrylic)
  • 2760m/s (PMMA)
  • 1049m/s (Silicone)
  • Setting range: 500 to 3000m/s
    • IOL power calculation IOL formula: Binkhorst, Holladay, SRK, SRK II, SRK/T, Hoffer Q
  • Calculated IOL power: IOL refractive power for ametropia (IOL)
  • Postoperative refractive error (ERROR)
  • IOL data registration: Manufacturer, model, A-Constant, SF value, ACD value (A maximum of 16
  • types of IOL data can be registered.)
  • IOL power calculation range: A-Constant 100 to 130
  • ACD value: 1.60 to 9.99
  • SF value: 0.00 to 9.99
  • Axial length: 12.00 to 40.00 mm
  • Keratometry: 5.00 to 19.99 mm (curvature radius)
  • 00 to 60.00D (refraction)
  • Postoperative target refraction: -10.00 to +10.00D
  • Calculated IOL power: -99.99 to +99.99D
  • Comparison display: Three types of IOL power calculation results are displayed for a single IOL
  • power calculation formula. The calculation results of estimated
  • postoperative refractive power for the IOL power is displayed.
  • IOL power calculation comparison: Three types of IOL power calculation results are displayed for
  • multiple calculation method selected by the physician.


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