Essilor Kappa M05 edger & tracer-blocker

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grooving, safety bevel, new soft frame modification


Everything the Next-Generation KAPPA Already Offers:

  • Automatic binocular tracing in 3 dimensions
  • Bevel: 3D bevel preview and configurable bevel trajectory
  • Grooving: configurable positioning, width and depth
  • Chamfering: front face and/or back face, with a flexible chamfering wheel
  • Polishing: flat and bevel
  • More ergonomic centering (wide open space)
  • EAS (Edging Assisted System) cycle to avoid axis deviation on fragile lenses
  • 1,000-position job database

High-Curve Function Expands the Field of Possibilities:

  • Base curve coverage to 8, for all materials except mineral, with adjustable bevel height, width and location
  • Go for quality finished jobs instead of ill-fitted lenses and decrease the number of re-do’s.
  • Dispense a greater variety of glasses in-house with wrap frames.


  • To be able to trace, edge, and mount with a KAPPA Special Edition edger, you need to add a KAPPA Special Edition, Neksia, Mr. Orange or Mr. Blue tracer/blocker.
  • For further information and specifications, please consult the Neksia brochure.


Tracer – Centerer – Blocker Edger
Dimensions LI 1.0 x W/D20.5 x H24.0 in. L22.0 x W/D16.5 x H24.4 in.
Weight 50 lb. 148 lb.
Power consumption 250W 1350W
Power supply 230V or 115V- 50/60HZ 230V or 115V- 50/60HZ


Year of manufacture 2004

See in video how works Essilor Kappa edger:

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