HEINE mini 3000 direct ophthalmoscope (new)


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The Heine mini 3000 portable tools are a world-famous range of products in the eye care industry. This product distinguishes with five different apertures, including fixation star, high-quality optic illumination, attachment clip with integrated switch, and fast charging.

The mini 3000 pocket otoscope is available in three different models: the non-fibre optic, fibre optic, and the LED fibre optic. All three provide three times magnification. This direct ophthalmoscope costs just €140 per item.


  • Bright xenon halogen light (XHL) without shadows and colour distortions.
  • The large diameter of the trial lens with triple magnification and an improved surface of the body for easy verification.
  • Connection for connecting the insufflator (Insufflator with connection to be ordered separately). The hermetic attachment of the viewing window allows a reliable test of the mobility of the eardrum.
  • Reliable swivel mechanism of the viewing window with the housing for more ease of use and to prevent the loss of the lens.
  • Practical and reliable clip with a switch. The device turns off automatically when you put it in your pocket.
  • The design of high quality lightweight impact-resistant plastic. Protect the lens from damage and scratches.
  • Mini 3000 Rechargeable Handle: The Mini 3000 Battery Grip with which the device is used can be converted into a rechargeable NiMH NiMH 2.5V handle. In this case, the mini-NT charger provides for automatic charging.
  • Simplicity and ease of use as well as cleaning.
  • Possibility to choose a black or blue body.

You can see how a direct ophthalmoscope works in the video:


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