Nidek LM 990 auto lensmeter



Easy in operation, Nidek LM (1200 and 990 models perform these functions) is to measure single vision lenses, bi- or trifocal lenses, as well as progressive power lenses, and contact lenses.

When you have a new patient, if it is his first-time visit, you will need to read his glasses prescription. After simple manipulations, Nidek LM will automatically read the required information from the lenses. All you need to do then is to push the USB port button, and it will automatically transfer the achieved data into the patient’s chart.


  • Auto Read & Auto print
  • LCD computer layout
  • Simple progressive alignment
  • Fast readout time
  • Auto slab compensation
  • PD measurement (Model LM-990A)

Watch the performance of Nidek LM 990 lensmeter in the video:


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