Nidek NT 3000 non-contact tonometer


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The non-contact tonometer Nidek NCT 3000 is one of the most commonly used methods for measuring intraocular pressure (IOP). Its potential advantage is that it uses an air inhalation to bleed the cornea, which reduces the risk of cross infection and does not require corneal anesthesia.


  • Auto alignment and autofocus make operation fast, smooth and easy. The operator can select whether to operate in fully automatic mode, semi-automatic mode and manual mode.
  • Compared to our previous model, the automatic tracking area has been expanded twice, both in the vertical and horizontal axis.
  • To obtain accurate and reliable data, measurements are initiated only when the best condition between the NT-3000 and the patient is identified.
  • A safety stop has been incorporated to prevent accidental eye contact with the air nozzle.
  • In order to save power and last the screen, the monitor turns off after five minutes of inactivity.
  • The first reading is done with a minimum air pressure using the automatic shutdown system. In subsequent readings, the APC function will be activated to make the puff softer than the first reading. The murmur can be controlled according to the eye of each patient.
  • Measurements begin when the eye is completely open for accurate and stable data without altering the tab.
  • IOP was measured by Nidek NT-3000 in both eyes of 207 subjects.
  • Two sets of IOPs were recorded from each subject with a ten minute interval between each set.
    • The measurements of the right eye were performed by a single nurse for 2 sets.
    • The measurements of the left eye were performed by 2 nurses for each set.
  • The mean of three consecutive pulse recordings in each set was used for data analysis.
  • The results of the study showed that the average age of the patients was 56.46 ± 14.18 years .
    • The IOP range under study varied from 5.5-28.5 mmHg.
    • The mean ± SD IOP measurements in the right eyes were 13.65 ± 3.13 and 13.54 ± 2.98 mmHg for the first and the second sets, respectively and in the left eyes were 13.25 ± 3.10 and 13.22 ± 3.09 mmHg for the first and the second sets, respectively.
    • The mean difference ± SD (95% limit of agreement) between the two measurements in the right eye was 0.11 ± 1.10 mmHg and in the left eye was 0.04 ± 0.91 mmHg,
  • In addition, there was no correlation between the differences of the values from the two sets or the average IOP of the two sets in both eyes.

This study suggests that Nidek NT-3000 is a reliable instrument for IOP


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