Nidek RT 2100 smart refractor-phoropter and Magnon CCP-690 chart projector


incl. remote control, power supply / communication box

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Included power/ communication box

The Nidek phoropter RT-2100 is a computerized refractor used for subjective refraction when connected to the Nidek Auto refractometer (AR), Auto Ref/Keratometer (ARK) And Auto Lensmeter (LM). The operator has a fully integrated refraction system that simplifies and speeds up refraction.




  • Included power/ communication box
  • High contrast LCD screen with full data display
  • Lots of information is just a click away on your display with options to view pupil distance, previous lens data, refractor lens settings, unaided visual acuity, objective measurements, chart indications and full test data to name a few
  • Simple dial operation
  • Full program in 5 different sequences
  • From unaided measurement to full prescription, you can set the RT2100 up exactly how you want
  • Automatic VA value prediction
  • Final Fit… Compute the most comfortable value automatically with extra refinement via semi auto adjustment
  • Various interface functions to connect to external appliances
  • All the masked charts are switchable for single letter masking
  • Selectable dioptric steps
  • Subjective refinement from selectable AR/LM data
  • Selectable axis and prism steps
  • Selectable automatic PRISM feeder speed
  • The following can be input, printed out and transmitted to PC:
  • Stereoscopic vision test result
  • Aniseikonia test result
  • Worth test result
  • Near point of convergence NPC value
  • Near point of accommodation NPA value
  • Negative relative accommodation NRA value
  • Positive relative accommodation PRA value
  • FAR/NEAR divergence and convergence test data
  • KM data of ARK
  • ADD/PRISM data of LM
  • Direct input of AR/LM data from non Nidek instruments
  • Long working distance
  • Cross cylinder lenses
  • High quality near point card




Measuring Range
Sphere –29.00 – +26.75 D –19.00 – +16.75 D (XC test, Prism test) (0.12 D/0.25 D/1 D/2 D/3 D increments)
Cylinder 0.00 – ±8.75 D (0.25 D/1 D/2 D/3 D increments)
Axis 0 – 180o (1o /5o /15o increments)
PD 48 – 80 mm (In distance mode, 0.5 mm/1 mm increments) 50 – 74 mm (For near working distance set at 35 cm, 0.5 mm/1 mm increments) 54 – 80 mm (Far PD at which both lens banks can converge)
Rotary prism lens 0 – 20 ∆ (0.1 ∆/0.5 ∆/2 ∆ increments)
Cross cylinder lens ±0.25 D Cross cylinder lens ±0.50 D Cross cylinder lens ±0.25 D Auto-cross cylinder lens
Auxiliary lenses
Pin hole plate (φ 1 mm)
Red maddox rod (Right eye: horizontal)
Red maddox rod (Left eye: vertical)
Red/Green filter (Right eye : red, Left eye: green)
Polarizing filters (Right eye: 135o , Left eye: 45o )
Polarizing filters (Right eye: 45o , Left eye: 135o )
Dissociation prism (Right eye: 6 ∆ BU)
Dissociation prism (Left eye: 10 ∆ BI)
PD check lens
±0.50 D fixed cross cylinder lens (fixed with the axis set at 90o)
Lenses for retinoscope (+1.5 D/+2.0 D)
Refraction distance for
Near vision 350 – 700 mm (50 mm increments)
Visual field 32o (dia. 30 mm)
Dimensions and net weight
Main body 455 (W) × 141 (D) × 329 (H) mm 6.7 kg
Control box 220 (W) × 256 (D) × 142 (H) mm 1.2 kg
Relay box 194(W)×227(D)×72(H)mm 3.5kg
Printer (For the refraction table): 94 (W) × 204 (D) × 62 (H) mm 1.4 kg (For the stand): 94 (W) × 216 (D) × 61 (H) mm 1.4 kg
Power source and consumption
Power source* 24: A. AC 100 V/120 V (±10 %) 50/60 Hz
Power consumption B. AC 220 V/230 V (±10 %) 120 VA 50/60 Hz
Environmental condition
Temperature +10 to +40 oC (In usage) –20 to +60 oC (In storage/Transference)
Humidity 30 to 85 % (In usage) 10 to 95 % (In storage/Transference)


You can see how works Nidek phoropter RT-2100 in video:


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