Righton Retinomax K-Plus 3 portable autorefractor keratometer


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Retinomax K-Plus 3 is a top-notch tool with an intuitive use and stylish design. The kit includes an auto refractometer-keratometer itself, a printer, and a charging station.

A patient has to look in the device and to focus on an image. The tool will measure to determine an eye-focusing power. Once the procedure is completed, the results are sent to the printer wirelessly. Each measurement has a confidence interval to let you know the strength of analysis. The product’s price is 10,950€.

The Auto Refractometer / Keratometer Manual Retinomax K-plus 3 is a refractometer, designed to measure the refractive power, the corneal profile and the diameter of the pupil.

The refractive power measurement examines the refractive condition of the patient’s eye to measure spherical diopter power, cylindrical power, and cylindrical shaft angle. During the measurement of the corneal shape, the corneal radius of curvature, the direction of the main meridian, and the power of corneal astigmatism are examined.

This instrument consists of a main unit (Retinomax K-plus 3), a station (Retinomax station 3), and a printer (Retinomax printer 3).

The station contains a battery charger and a power supply, which allows charging the batteries of the main unit and the printer, and to supply power to the main unit through an optional DC cable. The printer can contain a battery, which facilitates the transfer of data from the main unit to the printer, so it only requires a small space to perform operations from measurements to impressions.

In addition, the instrument can send data to a computer or another external device.

Specifications Righton Retinomax K-Plus 3 AutoRefractor Keratometer


Measurement Range S -18D to +23D, C 0 to – 12D, 0 to +12D, Axis 1° to 180°
Increments Auto/0.25D selectable, Axis 1°
Measurement Range Radius curvature: 5 to 11mm (in 0.01mm increments),

Corneal astigmatism: in 0.25D increments, Axis: 1° to 180° (in 1° increments)

Measurement Area Center: Ø3.2mm (R8mm),

Peripheral: 25° tangential (vertical/horizontal)


Measurement Area 2.5mm
Measurement Modes Auto/Continuous/Quick R-K Mode RK/R/K
Measurement Time RK 0.25 sec. per indication, R: 0.12 sec. per indication (0.07 sec. in quick mode)
Mire Ring 18 points dots, 30mm diameter
Consistency Value 10 points
Pupil Observation Retro Mode
Reaching Distance 10.9 inch. (278mm)
Working Distance 2 inch. (50mm) from cover glass
Dimensions (measuring head)&nbsp, 6.4 x 8.9 x 9.3 inch. (163 x 226 x 236mm)
Weight 36oz (1,020g) (battery +6.4oz /180g)

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  1. Medhyps.Com

    Automatic Axis Compensation and Extended Measurement Range –  Not only does the device let examiner know the cylinder axis angle, but it can also be automatically adjusted if it is not level

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