Shin Nippon SLM 4000 lensmeter demonstration model (new)


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5.7 inch LCD screen

LCD screen produces legible display of the measurement data and icons for easier identification to select your desired choices for the measurement

Measurement of various lenses

Measurement of various lenses, such as single lens, multifocal lens,progressive lens, frame lens and contact lenses can be performed

Easy lens plate without operating the lever

A troublesome lever does not need to be operated. Push the PUSH mark on the lens plate. The lens plate comes out. The lens plate always touches the bottom of the lens without operating the lever

Automatic judgment for a progressive lens

You can automatically check whether the lens is progressive lens or not. FAR POINT and NEAR POINT can be easy measured by directions and a graph display of LOD screen

Convenient contact lens measurement

In the convenient contact lens holder in the standard accessories is used, hard and soft contact lenses can be simply measured without touching by hand

Cartridge-type marking pen

Uniform marking can be performed with a cartridge-type marking pen, and handing is also easy

HI INDEX LENS measurement

You can select ABEE number to compensate the measurement for Hl INDEX LENS

RS-232C setting function

You can send the measurement data to an external computer through an interface. The data is sent using ASCII CODE


Measurement Range Sphere 25D 25D 0.01 0.12 0.25 step
Cylinder 0 10D 0.01 0.12 0.25 step
Axis 1 180 1
Addition 0 10D 001 0.12 0.25 step
Prism 0 1D 0.01 0.12 0.25 step
Measurement wavelength 650 nm
Measurable lens Unprocessed lens diameter 90mm:

Frame lens

Single lens, multifocal lens, progressive lens
Hard contact lens

Soft contact lens

Power supply 100 240V 50 60Hz
Monitor LCD monitor 5.7inches
External Interface RS-232C
Dimensions 200 W 260 D 443 H

You can see the operation of the Shin Nippon SLM 4000 Lensmeter in video:


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