Topcon KR-8100 auto refractor keratometer


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KR-8100 Autorefraktometr-Keratometer

Used Topcon Model KR-8100 Autorefraktometr-Keratometer

• It has the following diagnostic capabilities:


* Option for measuring the contact lenses

* PD patient

* Patient VD – 0/12/13.5 mm

* Cylinders (CYL) – from 0 to ± 10 D

* Form cylinders + / -/mix

* Sphere (SPH) – from -30 to +22 D

* Axis – 0 for the 180 on

>> Keratometer

* The radius of curvature – of 5 to 10 mm

* Corneal Power – 33.75 to 67.50 D

* Axis – 0 for the 180 on

* Corneal astigmatic power – 0 to 10 D

* Minimum big the pupil : 2 mm

• It has a built-in thermal printer

• Manual control of the joystick in the bowl in the region of 28 mm

• Manual adjustment of the chin in the range of 85 mm

• RS232C output port, video-out

• Dimensions: 28 x 50 x 45 cm

• Calibrated to “artificial eye”


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