Topcon KR-8100P toporef-keratometer 3in1 with software


included topography and Color Mapping 1.24 software

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Key Features

  • 3 in 1 instrument: refractometer, keratometer, topographer
  • Complete corneal analysis
  • Complete pre-test instrument
  • IMAGEnet i-base connection
  • color mapping software


  • Objective refractometer mode
  • Corneal curvature radius 5.00 mm – 10.00 mm
  • Sphere -25 to + 22D in 0.25D step (0.12D step available)
  • Cylinder 0 to ± 8D in 0.25D step (0.12D step available)
  • Axis 1˚ to 180˚ in 1˚ step (5˚ step available)
  • Minimal pupil diameter ø 2.0 mm
  • Method of relaxation Automatic fogging
  • Fixation chart Picture chart or Starbust chart
  • Corneal Curvature mode
  • Refraction index 1.3375
  • Corneal refraction 67.5D ~ 33.75D
  • Corneal astigmatism 0D ~± 10D
  • Corneal astigmatism axial angle 1˚ ~ 180˚
  • Measuring area 3 mm with 7.7 mm radius
  • Measuring step
  • Corneal curvature radius 0.01 mm
  • Corneal refraction 0.25 D (0.12D step available)
  • Corneal astigmatism 0.25 D (0.12D step available)
  • Corneal axis angle 1˚


  • PD measurement range 85 mm max. in 1 mm step
  • Measuring start Auto Alignment / Auto start (KR-8100PA), Manual Auto start / Manual
  • (KR-8100P)
  • Corneal diameter measurement Yes
  • Pupil diameter Range, 2~13 mm / Step, 0.25 mm
  • Measurement display TV monitor screen
  • Measurement recording Built-in printer (Up to 10 measurements of each eye can be stored
  • in memory)
  • Alignment Screen display
  • Vertex distance 0, 12.0 and 13.75 mm (selectable)
  • Energy saving Automatic switch off when left unused for 10 minutes.
  • IOL Special IOL switch to adjust to circumstances of IOL wearers
  • Power supply AC100, 120, 220, 240V
  • Output RS-232C VIDEO-OUT
  • Weight 21 kg
  • Dimensions 275(W) x 475(D) x 500(H) mm


The Topcon KR-8100P provides accurate objective refraction, central & peripheral keratometry, as well corneal topography in one instrument. For corneal topography purposes dedicated software is available to obtain full anterior corneal surface evaluation, contact lens fitting and pre- and post-op refractive surgery evaluation. KR-8100PA provides fully automatic alignment, focussing and measurement. Based on the mapping data, the Topcon KR-8100P advises the base curvature for the contact lens. The KR-8100P reconstruct cornea shape from mapping data of the whole cornea obtained by the projected placido rings. In combination with Colour Mapping software, the KR-8100P provides simulation of contact lens fitting. From the contact lens shape and the measured cornea shape, the software simulates the fluo pattern


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