Topcon TRC-NW200 non-mydriatic retinal camera

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anterior segment, built-in CCD camera, I-Base software


Non-mydriatic retinal camera, Anterior Segment. Built-in CCD camera.

The new TRC-NW200 non-mydriatic retinal camera successfully combines Topcon’s vast experience in producing retinal cameras with the latest digital and electronic technology.




  • resolution is 33% higher;
  • the resolution of the CCD matrix was increased from 2.3 to 3.1 Mega pixels, which provides an excellent detailed examination of the fundus for any type of diagnosis: from glaucoma analysis to determining the degree of development of diabetic retinopathy;
  • the possibility of research with a small pupil diameter;
  • provides high quality even when viewed through the pupil less than 3.7 mm;
  • low flash intensity;
  • the new CCD (3.1 Mega pixels) provides excellent results, even at low flash intensities;
  • automatic exposure;
  • the new AE (Auto Exposure) function helps to automatically set the required exposure to obtain a well-lit image;
  • wide field of view TRC-NW200 uses one central mark for fixing the gaze, two nasal marks and two temporal marks, which allows a wide-angle examination of the fundus;
  • 5.6 ″ color LCD display allows the operator to observe several images at once in real time;
  • IMAGEnet EZ Lite ™ software
  • The TRC-NW200 has a convenient CompactFlash ™ card and USB port, for quickly and easily transferring images to a personal computer. TRC-NW200 works with the new IMAGEnet EZ Lite ™ software, which enables efficient data processing.


h2:Technical specifications


  • field of view angle – 45 ° (30 ° for O3.7 mm);
  • pupil diameter – at least 3.7 mm;
  • diopter compensation – without corrective lenses – -13D to + 12D;
  • with negative corrective lenses – from -12 diopters to -33 diopters;
  • with positive corrective lenses – +9 diopters to +40 diopters;
  • fixation of the patient’s gaze – central region – 1 mark;
  • nasal area – 2 marks;
  • temporal region – 2 marks;
  • image quality – CCD 3.15 million pixels;
  • data storage – JPEG, TIFF;
  • monitor – color LCD display 5.6 “;
  • emphasis for a chin – vertical movement of 60 mm;
  • fixation target – optional (green LED);
  • image recording – CompactFlash ™ card (16 MB);
  • interface – USB 2.0, RGB;
  • power consumption – 80 VA;
  • power supply – ~ 100V-240V; 50/60 Hz;
  • dimensions – 272 mm (W) x 505 mm (D) x 560 mm (H);
  • weight – 24 kg.


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