Briot, the vision innovation

The company Briot was founded in 1934. In 1936, the first lens trimming machine was used, using templates called Universelle. In 1971, the company released a machine with automatic processing of the edge of the lenses – B 2000. The creation of this machine was a turning point in the history of the Briot brand since the automatic processing of the edge of the lenses was used for the first time. The only step in the manual processing of the lens was polishing, which was done on a separate machine. In 1976, the company released the world’s first template cutter, which was able to roll around the frame and transmit information directly to the machine in 2000. In 1987, Briot developed a prototype of a modern computerized scanning device with an LCD display that displayed the shape and parameters of the frame. The year 1996 was marked by the advent of the all-in-one system, which combined scanning, centering, locking devices and a machine for processing the edge of lenses. In 2003, a merger with WECO took place; therefore, most technological solutions became common for these two firms.
Full high-performance work of any optical workshop can be hardly imagined without a device for turning eyeglass lenses. Among European experts, devices by the French manufacturer Briot International have much sought after. Their Briot Silver products are especially popular.
Sky Optic brings to your attention Briot UK devices, including Briot Accura Silver, for instance. Easy-to-manage, these items differentiate with their reliability and accuracy. They can carry out three-dimensional scanning, save templates in their memory, and work with various materials.

You can see in video how edger Briot Silver works: