Briot Alta NX edger & Alta XS tracer blocker


High Definition Drilling, Finesse Safety-beve, Autofocus Bevel, Synchronization Grooving, Diamond Polish.

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Drilling, grooving, COUNTER ONLY 17.600 Lenses

The Alta NX device performs high-quality turning and grooving of various lenses. Particular three-dimensional technology allows accurate measuring the details, calculating their curvature and thickness.

This tool has a color touch screen. Its small size allows saving working space. The graphics interface of the Briot Alta NX model is convenient in use. An increased level of security characterizes the machine. Considering all its advantageous features such a useful and productive tool is worth paying 7,900€.

The Ultimate in Finishing Quality

The Alta NX pushes back the limits of lens edging while optimizing your time. It allows you to undertake more delicate work: it is at last possible to undertake drilled jobs.

“Autofocus” Bevel

To personalize and get the most out of your job, you have the choice of four completely automatic bevels which take the lens characteristics and the tracing data fully into account.

“Finesse” Safety-bevel

This option gives you surgical precision on the internal and external faces of any lens thickness.

Optional High Precision Drilling

An entirely new design allows the drilling unit to work at any angle from 0° to 30° with an accuracy of 0,1 mm. The lens fits the frame instantly.

Diamond Polish

Absolute transparency and sparkle, to add to the elegance of your assemblies Mini bevel To realize a bevel with a predefined width.

An Ideal Interface

Easy to learn icons show you the lens exactly as it is after finishing, and to guide you throughout the edging process, giving you guidance and feedback when issues arise.

Alta NX Technical Specifications

Height (Edger) 22.4″
Width 20.1″
Depth 24.2″
Weight 153lb
Voltage 110V – 240V

50 Hz -60 Hz

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