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It’s an aspiration pump of crystal remnants. With foot switch and remote controller.

Optimize cataract surgery outcomes with the Alcon Infiniti Vision System. Now featuring OZil Intelligent Phaco software upgrades, the INFINITI Vision System puts optimized OZil torsional emulsification at your fingertips. With enhanced fluidic management and surgical control, the INFINITI Vision System delivers the strategic advantage in customized phaco procedures. With foot switch and remote controller.



Reduces Repulsion


  • Ultrasonic oscillations cut lens material using a shearing effect
  • Eliminates repulsion associated with traditional ultrasound induced by the jackhammer effect
  • Side-to-side movement increases cutting efficiency by emulsifying lens material with both directions of movement


Improves Followability


  • Lack of repulsion facilitates occlusion and effective delivery of energy into nuclear fragments
  • Decreases time to remove lens material
  • Improves followability and decreases dispersion of nuclear fragments during emulsification
  • Reduces irrigation fluid consumption and increases your surgical efficiency
  • Less dependence on excessively high fluidics


Improves Thermal Safety Profile


  • Operates at cooler temperatures than traditional ultrasound
  • Allows the use of sealed incisions and continuous torsional modes


The dynamically adaptive software of OZilIntelligent Phaco continuously monitors and responds to ongoing phacoemulsification conditions throughout the procedure for more effective energy delivery.


OZil IP is an intelligent energy management system that:

  • Enhances OZil emulsification by keeping the lens material at the shearing plane, the ideal location for emulsification
  • Increases followability


Improves fluidic movement of fragments to and through the tip, flow not interrupted

  • Keeps eye in more natural state


Reduces IOP fluctuation-reduces post-occlusion surge


Designed to Meet Unique Patient Needs


The INFINITI Vision System features customized power modulations that provide an unsurpassed range of energy options for different patient needs.

Pulse and Hyperpulse

  • Provides access to high pulse rates with customizable on times and variable duty cycles
  • Allows for reduced repulsion and improved thermal safety profile


Linear Burst

  • Adds control of energy power to the traditional burst mode for instantaneous control and decreased repulsion
  • Improves thermal safety by providing modulation of ultrasound energy delivery
  • Optimizes control of burst delivery, burst energy level and duty cycle, enabling better occlusion


Where the Best Micro-surgical Components Come Together As One


From lens removal to lens implantation, the INTREPID Micro-Coaxial System delivers a complete micro-incisional solution, allowing you to perform surgery safely and efficiently through a single incision without altering your normal technique.


INFINITI® Vision System

  • Provides enhanced chamber stability and control
  • Utilizes the OZil Torsional Handpiece for superior micro-incision procedures


INTREPID PLUS Fluidics Management System (FMS)

  • Designed specifically for safe and efficient micro-coaxial cataract removal
  • Eliminates distractions so you can focus on outcomes


INTREPID AutoSert IOL Injector

  • Enhances control of IOL delivery
  • Innovative single-hand IOL insertion
  • Supports all standard incision sizes, including MICS
  • Customizable surgeon parameters for better procedural control


MicroSmooth ULTRA Infusion Sleeves

  • Designed for micro-incision sizes 2.2mm-2.4mm
  • Features a smooth external surface for reduced friction within the incision allowing for more freedom of movement and easier wound entry
  • Reduced stress on ocular tissue


AcrySof Aspheric IOLs

  • Advanced aspheric platform with thinner square-edge lens profile and a fully usable 6mm optic
  • Proven family of IOLs delivers complete confidence with predictable procedures, ease of implantation, and consistently excellent outcomes
  • Perfectly complement modern micro-incision surgery
  • Provides ease of delivery in the bag through an unenlarged micro-incision


ClearCut Incisional Instruments

INTREPID knives are engineered to create precise, 2.4mm and smaller incisions

  • Improves blade tracking for superior entry and withdrawal
  • Designed to produce squared incisions for outstanding wound recovery
  • Now available in safety handle designs
  • Staff-Friendly Console


The staff-friendly console design allows greater access to increase surgical productivity.

  • Increases setup efficiency through front access connections for consumables and accessories
  • Improves readout visibility through a large touchscreen that tilts and rotates 180 degrees on two axes
  • Increases staff accessibility through a height-adjustable tray design that is usable from either side


You can see Alcon Infiniti Phacoemulsifier running:

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