Nidek ICE 9000 blocker-tracer&lensmeter

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NIDEK Intelligent blocker, ICE-9000 blocks the lens with a lens cup. The lens is blocked with a lens

cup properly at a detected position (the optical center, cylinder axis angle, segment position of bifocal

lenses, and marking). 


Lens Measuring Unit

  • Method – Imaging of projected image
  • Maximum lens diameter – 80 mm dia.
  • Camera – CCD black and white camera
  • Display – 8.4-inch Color Liquid Crystal Display, 800 × 600 pixels
  • Layout mode – Single, MULT, PROG
  • Items of lens layout

FPD (or DBL)

PD (or 1/2PD)

AXIS (Cylinder axis angle of the lens)

EP (Height of the eye point for far vision (for progressive power lenses))

SIZE (Size compensation value)

Lens material (Plastic lens, plastic lens with high refractive index, glass lens, polycarbonate lens, and acrylic lens)

Frame type (Metal frame, celluloid frame, nylor frame, and two-point frame)

Designations in processing (Polishing and/or safety beveling modes)

Job code (JOB#)

  • Range of data for lens layout

FPD – 30.0 to 99.50 mm (in increments of 0.01 mm)

PD – 30.0 to 99.50 mm (in increments of 0.01 mm)

1/2PD – 15.0 to 49.75 mm (in increments of 0.01 mm)

Height of optical center

0 to ±15.0 mm (in increments of 0.1 mm)

SIZE – 0 to ±10.00 mm (in increments of 0.01 mm)

  • ALM function

Range of power measurement – SPH: -10 D to +10 D, CYL: 0 D to ±6 D

Accuracy of measured optical center – ±0.5 mm (when SPH is 1 D or more with the CYL+ and CYL– modes)

Accuracy of measured cylinder axis (axis) – ±1° (when CYL is 1 D or more)

  • Blocking

Blocking method – Motorized blocking method

Blocking pressure – 3 kgf

Tracing Unit

  •       Tracing method – Automatic 3-D binocular tracing
  •       Traceable size

Frame R9-R46 (vertically up to max. 30 mm from center)

Pattern R12-R46 (vertically up to min. 10 mm from center)

  • FPD measurement function – Available
  • Setting of stylus – Switchable between automatic and semiautomatic
  • Measurement accuracy

Frame tracing ±0.05 mm (circumference error with F45 standard frame)

Pattern tracing ±0.1 mm (circumference error with F45 standard pattern)

  • Measuring time

Automatic tracing of both-eye lenses – 30 sec.

Pattern tracing – 20 sec.


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