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The NIDEK intelligent blocker, ICE mini, blocks the lens with a lens cup. In the Blocker/LE and Mini LAB systems, the ICE mini, when connected to a tracer equipped lens edger, loads shape data and displays the data on the LCD touch screen. In the Blocker LAB, VCA (Preset), and VCA (Auto) systems the ICE mini loads JOB data and blocks the lens.

When the lens layout is entered, aligning the lens markings with the scale makes blocking easily. The ICE mini performs lens blocking by manual operation of the arm.

This blocker has the following features


  • Saves 30 JOB data items and 200 PTN data items in memory. (Blocker/LE and Mini LAB systems)
  • Flexible lens support retains the lens securely and blocks it accurately
  • Provides clear display with a 8.4-inch color LCD touch screen
  • Changes lens images into any desired shape with the shape change function
  • Connects two lens edgers directly. (Blocker/LE and Mini LAB systems)
  • Quick and Easy Blocking
  • Flexible 3-pin lens support, holding the lens from the top, greatly
  • Helps the operator to achieve easy an accurate blocking.
  • User-Friendly LCD Touch Panel
  • 8.4-inch color LCD touch panel offers clear display and easy operation.
  • Versatile Network Capability
  • The ICE mini can be directly connected to 2 lens edgers.
  • The ICE-Mini from NIDEK has made blocking as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!
  • The data to be input is the lens type, frame type, grinding mode and lens layout data which includes FPD, PD, height of optical center and size.

You can see the operation of the Nidek ICE Mini Blocker in video:


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