Nidek LM 600P construction is pretty compact. The customization of the device doesn’t take long, and it is ready for operation soon after installing. LCD monitor, multidimensional displaying the images, easy to follow settings allow getting accurate results fast and without troubles.

Another peculiar feature of Nidek LM-600P is its ability to transfer wirelessly the achieved data to other devices due to the special card writer. Hartmann Sensor is on the list of the device’s distinguishing parameters as well. Nidek lm 600 price surprises: it is just 2,300€.

Technical characteristics

High-speed line printer with auto cutter

The LM-600PD UV / 600P UV feature a high-speed printer with fast and easy-to-read printouts. Measurement data is simply laid out and is useful for explanation to customers. Replacing a new roll paper is easy and exchanging time takes only a few seconds. The auto paper cutter leaves a small section of the paper uncut to prevent the paper from falling, which is user-friendly. A model without the printer (LM-600 UV) is also available.

Wide prism measurement range

The prism measurement range has been expanded to 20Δ in both horizontal and vertical directions, offering greater versatility.

Prism layout function

Entering the prism prescription value in advance allows easy blocking by just following the target shown on the screen for blocking lenses at the prism prescription position.

Easy PD measurement

Pupillary distance (the distance between the optical centers) can be measured easily – for both near and distance portions. The LM-600PD UV offers automatic Right / Left detection with the special PD slider, which also helps the operator easily hold glasses while measuring.

Improved marking dots

NIDEK’s newly developed marking ink provides clear dots even on lenses with water repellent coating / finish.

Quick and easy wireless data transfer 

The NIDEK products allow for quick and easy wireless data transfer using Eye Care Card, Bluetooth, WLAN or infrared communication. This is helpful for eliminating paper print out and complicated wired connections



Measurement range


(Spectacle lenses)-25.00 to +25.00 D
(Contact lenses)-25.00 to +25.00 D (BC = 6.00 to 9.00)

(0.01 / 0.06 / 0.12 / 0.25 D increments)

Cylinder0.00 to =10.00 D (-, MIX. +)

(0.01 / 0.06 / 0.12 / 0.25 D increments)

Axis0 to 180′ (V increments)
ADD0.00 to +10.00 D (Add and Ad2)

(0.01 / 0.06 / 0.12 / 0.25 D increments)

Prism0.00 to 20.00A (horizontal, vertical)

(0.01 / 0.06 / 0.12 / 0.25A increments)

Prism modeA, 6, Base In / Out. Base Up / Down
PD measurement20.0 to 49.5 mm (monocular). Single vision PD, Progressive lens far vision PD
UV transmittance0 to 100% (1 or 5% increments) with central wavelength 365 nm (UV-A)
Measuring time0.09 second (minimum)
Measurable lens diameter 
Spectacle lenses20 to 100 mm
Contact lensesLarger than the inner diameter of the nosepiece (o5 mm)
Measureable transmittance10% and over (20% and over for =15 to =25 D)
Compensation function forThe abbe number is changeable in the range of
high index lenses20 to bU.
Marking systemInk cartridge type (red)
Wavelength / Measuring point535 nm (green) /108 within nosepiece
Display4.7-inch color full graphic LCD, 320 x 240 dots with a backlight
PrinterThermal line printer with auto cutter (paper width: 58 mm)
InterfaceRS-232C: 1 port/USB: 1 port
Power supplyAC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption40 VA
Dimensions / Mass194 (W) x 210 (D) x 408 (H) mm / 4.0 kg

7.6 (W) x 8.3 (D) x 16.1 (H) • / 8.8 lbs.

Standard accessoriesPower cord, Dust cover, Nosepiece for contact lenses, Printer paper, Measuring progressive power lenses explanation sheet
Optional accessoriesEye Care card, RS-232C communication cable,

USB cable (with special USB driver), Foot switch,

Ink cartridge (blue). Ink pad type marking unit

You can see the operation of a lensmeter of the LM 600 series:


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