Weco Edge 430 only machine. Non refurbished


Non-refurbished without warranty. Only for spare parts or for own repair.


CADII-2005, TraceII-2006. Many new parts, new paint grinding area.

TRACE-II Scanner YOM 2006 produce 3D scanning.

  • Scan of form one at a time (or right or left)
  • Automatic transition of the table
  • Scan of form by template or pattern
  • Automatic scanner alignment
  • An increase in size by 0.3 mm when scanning plastic frames on the insert
  • Automatic stylus insertion


Projection centralizer CAD-II YOM 2005

  • Recall a form from the machine memory
  • Set centering parameters
  • Visual alignment of the lens according to the mark on the screen
  • Special menu for marking bifocals
  • Floating table for precise alignment of lenses.


High precision lens machine WECO 430

  • Handle all types of lenses
  • Consider the curved sizes of the lens and lens in the size of the lens (3D function)
  • Auto Lens Clamp
  • Measure the width and position of the lens edge after roughing
  • Apply all types of facets:
  1. Free Managed:
  • On the front edge of the lens
  • On the back edge of the lens
  • As a percentage of the thickness of the lens
  • Auto (on the curvature of the frame)
  1. Flat.
  • Thin facet
  • Polish the ends of the lenses
  • Center the shape on the machine (for large refractions and lenticulars)
  • Special lens processing modes:
  • Processing polycarbonate lenses
  • Processing high-performance lenses.
  • Careful handling:
  • Correct the size of the lens
  • Store 200 forms in memory
  • Computer setup of the machine
  • User menu
  • The service mode circles


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